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SEA ( Spectra Exclusive Art ) Crystal Clear Art Resin makes your artwork special!

Crystal clear, like liquid glass, our art resins will enhance and preserve your art creations.

Create new and stunning epoxy resin art using this amazing new medium.

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Learn how to use epoxy resins, an exciting new medium to create your own incredible works of resin art. More workshops and classes coming soon!


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Everything you need for the world of art using resins, crystals, metallic powders and more, from the sole agent for New Zealand and Australia.

Why you should use high quality art resin from Resin 4 Art.

I have experienced using epoxy resin products for over 5 years now. In that time, I have had many ups and downs, trying all kinds of different types of resin. Its’ been a frustrating process. Some were too soft, some too hard. Some turned yellow and some were just not clear. I also had problems with the thickness which changed the effect of the art work. Most distressing however were the health problems that were associated with some of these products with headaches, burning eyes, rashes and even some respiratory problems!
I was looking for a healthy product. Heat resistant, hard and SAFE!
And I found it!
The SEA Crystal Clear Resin  is a non-toxic epoxy art resin. It’s as hard as rock when dry and heat resistant up to 100 degrees Celsius. A wonderful product to use and environmentally friendly.
And they are always trying to make it even better, to improve an already very high standard of quality, decreasing hazards but not losing the great the ability of the artist to provide a great piece of artwork.
A truly wonderful product!

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