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  • I love this product and the new Nouveau which I was lucky enough to try and it’s wonderful for someone like me with major epoxy allergies. I always use my PPE but FR UV is the only epoxy I’ve found that doesn’t cause major reactions for me. Thanks for the great product!!!!
  • My absolute favorite epoxy! I always use less than what I did with other epoxys. No smell, and no yellowing. I love this epoxy, I am a forever customer
  • I’ve used other products before Faux Rizzle UV, and I will never go back! I always get a crystal clear finish! I get very few bubbles and if I do they are very easy to get rid of! Company is wonderful, and I always get fast response when I have questions!
  • I have tried quite a few resins in my years as a resin artist, and quite a few of them are very good. Faux Rizzle is great. It is clear, it is not very bubbly after my vigorous mixing and the bubbles are easy to pop and the finish is really clear which is awesome when you make a casting or layers.
  • Love this product. I used another before trying FR. I got headaches, my eyes hurt and my house smelled like mold. The product has no fume or smell and goes on and looks like glass on my projects. I will not use any other epoxy but Faux Rizzle.
  • I’m working with resin for about 3.5 years and tried many different types of resin from different countries. I heard about Faux Rizzle from my FB friend and decided to try it before go big. Honestly I’m absolutely impressed with result. Clear , honey like viscosity, no smell, air bubbles going away very easy without overheating painting and glasslike surface without any dimples. Great to work with.
  • These metallic hues are HANDS DOWN my favorite pigments to work with. I love that there is a wide range of color types and a little powder goes a very long way! I’ve made countless resin pieces with these powders so far and I still have tons left over. The pearlescent and color-shift effects on some of these metallics look PERFECT in resin art. Can’t wait to see what new colors they come up with!
  • Gorgeous, vibrant colors, mix beautifully into epoxy and are super easy to use. I own about half of them and I can’t wait to get the rest! I definitely recommend!
  • I have fallen in love with these! This is such a fine powder, it mixes well and I’ve always loved the outcome! I appreciate the great range of colors as well! My favorite colors right now are Alaska, Grinch, and Gingerbread.
Juicy Hues
  • What is in this stuff? A little goes a long way, and the color is amazing! This form of color adds the coolest cell effects, perfect for ocean art! I will be recommending to everyone! You guys could easily raise your price on the Juicy Hues, they are sooooo great!
  • I’m blown away by how easy these are to use, and how little you need to get a really good saturation of color. White album is the best white I’ve found for lacy cells. I use these to base coat tumblers and it works perfectly!
  • I love the entire range of Faux Rizzle glitter, it’s extremely fine and a little goes a long way! My absolute go to is Snowcus Pocus and I will also sprinkle it over a fresh acrylic pour. Other favorites are Flamingo, sapphire and Godzilla.
  • These glitters are amazing, they are very intense! You can mix them pure into your resin or together with other pigments and they are still very visible. My favorites are Galaxy, Prince and Sapphire.
  • Convinced this is the finest, smallest little specs of glitter on the market. It goes on your art so evenly because of how small each spec of glitter is. It is absolutely beautiful. I have put the “stardust” shade in almost every piece. It really makes it pop! All the glitters are amazing.
Solar Flare
  • I am so floored with these powders. I love the smooth color shift as the pieces are exposed to UV light. The colors also settle back to their usual whiteish-tint evenly and smoothly. Makes for really awesome effects in jewelry or functional art.
  • The colorshifting of the Solar Flare pigments is amazing! I already tried the hue Strawberry Milkshake and it turns from almost white to a bright pink in the sunlight. Great to create some resin projects with a surprise effect!
Translucent powders
  • So i tried this product out for the first time and i was blown away with how pretty it make you work looks. You can use it by its self or to enhance a finished product . Love it love it love it!
  • These colors are so much fun to use! They look white but change colors when looking from different angles. The colors are so subtle and gorgeous! Absolutely love!
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