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Kamenskaya Inks “A” Art Series – 15ml

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The ink is professional art, concentrated, lightfast, multifunctional in use, mixes well, lies perfectly on a synthetic smooth surface, dries quickly, requires dilution before use.

The ink cooperates perfectly with both isopropyl and ethyl alcohol.

When working with alcohol, make sure that it does not contain glycerine and that its strength level is at least 96%. The drying time without additional impact is 2-5 minutes. After drying, it is recommended to cover the image with an aerosol acrylic lacquer in several layers to preserve the drawing. Ideal tandem of ink – with a diluent with fixing effect (you not only dilute the paint with it, but also get an average degree of image fixation on the surface, which saves you the lacquer, time and provides comfort in work).

Volume – 15ml

Artwork using Kamenskaya Inks


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A 001, A 002, A 004, A 006, A 007, A 008, A 009, A 010, A 011, A 012, A 014, A 015, A 016, A 017, A 018, A 021, A 022, A 024, A 025, A 027, A 028, A 029, A 031, A 032, A 034, A 036, A 039, A 042

Kamenskaya Inks “A” Art Series – 15ml