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Kamenskaya Inks N (Nude) Series

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The NUDE range of inks is 100% pigmented and requires prior shaking before use. Since the ink mainly works on slippery synthetic surfaces and the pigment itself is heavy, we recommend to use “NUDE” ink only in tandem with the fixing effect diluent and to varnish the end!

Recommendation: When working with “NUDE” add the super concentrate to the diluent to increase its fixation degree from medium to high (proportion: per 1 liter of diluent – 50 ml of super concentrate or per 1 liter of alcohol – 100 ml of super concentrate).

Valume – 15ml

Artwork using Kamenskaya Inks

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N 001, N 002, N 003, N 004, N 005, N 006, N 007, N 008, N 009, N 010, N 012

Kamenskaya Inks N (Nude) Series

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