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Kamenskaya Inks N (Nude) Series – 15ml

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NUDE inks are pigment-based and must be shaken before the use. Although they are light in colour, they are very concentrated, so it is essential to dilute the ink before use. Could create dense or opaque effects when applied, depending on their concentration. Adhere perfectly on synthetic smooth surfaces and dry quickly. Work well with the ‘A’ line inks, creating a perfect tandem. The ideal dilution ratio is 1:4 to 1:5 with blending solution, where 1 is ink. These inks work perfectly with both isopropyl alcohol and ethyl alcohol. When working with alcohols make sure they are free from fatty impurities and have a strength level of at least 96%.

Artwork using Kamenskaya Inks

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N 001, N 002, N 003, N 004, N 005, N 006, N 007, N 008, N 009, N 010, N 011, N 012, N 013, N 014, N 015, N 016

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Kamenskaya Inks N (Nude) Series – 15ml

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