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Kamenskaya Super Concentrate

$35.00 NZ


Super concentrate: a varnish that enhances the fixation properties of the diluent. It is a medium that can be added to any alcohol, creating a fixation cocktail to work with alcoholic ink, as well as increase the fixation properties of our diluent. It provides good wear resistance to your image. The liquid is thick enough in its consistency. It has no sharp smell.

Application: add the liquid to the alcohol or to the latching effect diluent to increase the latching properties. How to use it to create a medium fixation diluent: per 2 liter of alcohol – 100ml of concentrate. To create a strong fixation diluent: per 1 liter of alcohol – 100ml of concentrate. To increase the degree of fixation of the diluent: add 50-60 ml of super concentrate per 1 liter of diluent with a latching effect.

Storage conditions, shelf life: before opening 36 months, after opening the bottle – 12 months. Store in a closed form at temperatures from 5 to 25 degrees (Celsius).
Precautions: it is recommended to work in ventilated premises, production is flammable, it is necessary to keep in inaccessible places for children and far from open sources of fire. Use strictly according to its intended use. In case of contact with mucous membranes, it is advisable to rinse thoroughly with water and consult a doctor if necessary.

WARNING: Alcohol molecules may change their size in case of temperature fluctuations, the amount of liquid in the bottle may change (saving weight), condensation of water may occur if stored incorrectly.


Volume – 100ml

Kamenskaya Super Concentrate

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