Resin for Art

SEA* Crystal Clear Artresin

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SPECTRA EXCLUSIVE ART (SEA) Crystal Clear Resin is the most advanced level of shine, glossy, reflectivity, clarity and depth, and it locks in those optical qualities forever. 100% Solids, by 1:1 Ratio, 100% VOC free, Virtually odourless. No air bubbles etc.

The most sophisticated system of synthetic polymeric-based protection available.

SEA CRYSTAL CLEAR RESIN is engineered specifically for Bar Tops, Tabletops, Countertops, ideal for artwork, jewellery making, coasters and much more.  It does have Small level of UV protection so doesn’t recommend for artworks which could be exposed to direct sunlight.

FDA certificate .

Ratio 1:1 by volume

Mixing time 3-5 min

Working time @ 25C 45-60 min

Touch Dry hours @ 25C 5-7 hours

Cure condition @ 25 C 15-18 hours

Shelf time up to 12 months in a dry cool place, avoid direct sunlight, temperature has to be no higher than 25 degrees C

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1l, 3.79 Litres, 7.58 litres

SEA* Crystal Clear Artresin

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